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Instructor Certification at a Glance

Our BalleCore programs center around the mind/body connection, stamina, breathing techniques and philosophies of movement and wellbeing brought by both Western and Eastern disciplines.

The signature BalleCore class builds on the artistry and athleticism of classical ballet integrated with the language, therapeutic strengthening and stretching of Pilates mat work and the focus and centering of hatha yoga.

BalleCore BARRE Pilates takes traditional repertoire Pilates mat work to another level with the simultaneous emphases of both mastering and assisting with understanding what each movement is designed to achieve.   Group and one-on-one Pilates instructors will find the teacher training workshops invaluable to the progression of their practice.

To Register for a BalleCore Workshop:

1. Read the Certification Process Packet.

2. Download and complete the BalleCore BARRE Pilates Instructor
Certification Application.

3. Fax or mail your application and include payment (Visa, MasterCard, American
Express or check).

4. More questions? Contact us.

Please go to the Home page for a schedule of upcoming Instructor Certification workshops.

(TIP: If you are unable to open the Ceritifcation Packet or Application, you may need to disable your popup blocker by holding down the CONTROL key. You can also download the file directly by right-clicking the link and selecting "Save As" or "Download Linked File.")

Frequently Asked Questions About Certification

What are some of the qualities you are looking for in a BalleCore Workout Instructor?
BalleCore requires Instructor Certification Candidates to have Pilates, Yoga, Dance and Exercise experience.   The BalleCore Workout enables an instructor a structure in which to really express their background and experience.   In order to teach a safe and satisfying class, a level of mastery in and continued curiosity and training in these disciplines is of the utmost importance.

Who comes to a BalleCore class?
Men and women who would not go to a ballet class show up to a BalleCore class!   Because the BalleCore class is designed to accommodate all client ability levels—from the novice to the more experienced fitness enthusiast, a wide variety of students and clients will be curious about and benefit from your class. It is no accident that the verbiage in the fitness industry today is focused on “functional training.”

Balance is like a muscle and it must be trained and nurtured.   Both the structure of the BalleCore class and the use of the BalleCore barre greatly enhance awareness and connection to how core training relates to standing balance. We all want to feel graceful and strong and yet, there are very few classes available that offer access to the beauty and athletic training that contribute to better movement and confidence.

How strong does my background have to be in Pilates, yoga, and ballet?
The level of sophistication and knowledge required of a BalleCore instructor is challenging.   When you enter into the training process, there will be people from all walks of fitness, yoga, dance and Pilates backgrounds.   Instructors will have their own strengths, interests and variety and level of certification or expertise.   What you share with one another is a keen interest in the three pillars of BalleCore and a willingness to take what you know and streamline your teaching.

Though we expect is a certain level of experience in movement/classical dance as well as a sound teaching background in group exercise and related mind/body disciplines, we realize that you don't have to be a ballerina to execute the movements and understand the value of ballet and dance.

Part of Level I & II Teacher Training is that recommendations will be discussed for each individual for continued training and mastery in areas important to creating unique classes and an approach to successful completion.   We are here to support you.

Who becomes a BalleCore Instructor Certification Candidate?
Instructor Certification in BalleCore is ideal for experienced Pilates Instructors, seasoned Yoga Instructors, classically trained Dancers, well rounded Fitness Instructors and Group Exercise Managers/Dance Studio Owners who demonstrate talent in various modes of exercise. Many of these professionals have successfully completed the BalleCore Comprehensive Instructor Certification program.

BalleCore BARRE Pilates is an ideal way for certified Pilates instructors to diversify their practice, to learn to use the BalleCore Barre to teach Pilates repertoire mat work or to prepare to continue in full BalleCore certification.

What makes BalleCore different from other dance-base programs?
In BalleCore, there is no need to memorize complex dance combinations as the instructor guides the class through the class moving seamlessly through the sequencing.   Instruction about how to move is the key difference, as participants will gain insight into how to translate what is done in the class into real life.   Those looking to teach a dynamic, balanced conditioning program integrating interrelated disciplines apply for our training program.   BalleCore emphasizes all the important elements of a quality program:

•Mental focus
•Full body control

How can I apply to qualify as a BalleCore Instructor Certification Candidate?
Download and print the application, which thoroughly reviews details of the BalleCore Instructor Certification Program and the application process.

When are the next BalleCore Instructor Trainings?
Comprehensive BalleCore and BalleCore BARRE Pilates Instructor Certification Workshops and ongoing levels of training are offered throughout the U.S. at a variety of locations. The Instructor Training Schedule lists currently scheduled dates and locations of instructor trainings. Check the BalleCore website frequently for additional dates and locations or contact us to find out where and when the next training will take place.

If you would like to host a teacher training or Master Class at your facility, please let us know and we can discuss the criteria required to do so.

You are encouraged to apply for the Instructor Certification Program in advance of registering for an upcoming workshop.

Also, keep an eye out for Master Classes offered in your area so you can try a class!




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