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The BalleCore program
features six unique workouts,
tailored to your goals and
personal fitness level.


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BalleCore BARRE Pilates

BalleCore BARRE Pilates® takes the rudimentary idea of using a stick or dowel with exercises and forms it into a new way to approach traditional repertoire Pilates mat work in an intelligent, fresh and imaginative mat class.

Using the BalleCore Barre® continuously throughout the routine helps to achieve additional shoulder and core stability. While facilitating awareness and control of the powerhouse, it also creates a smooth progression with and transition among movements. The result is a challenging and unique experience for the novice and seasoned Pilates devotee!

Feel the difference while using the BalleCore Barre® with Pilates matwork!

  • Improves coordination and balance while enhancing standing movement options;
  • Increases Stamina and Flexibility while training the Powerhouse and Core;
  • Recuperates visual and mental acuity of body position and configuration;
  • Encourages cardiovascular effects as the Barre engages more muscle groups;
  • Tones the arms, shoulders and back with proper wrist/elbow alignment and more!

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more programs

The BalleCore Workout
The 55-minute BalleCoreŽ  Workout integrates three tried and true mind-body disciplines; Pilates, Hatha  Yoga and Classical Ballet. The class involves both mat and standing  exercises emphasizing core training and improving balance. The class  is set to inspiring music but does not involve memorizing dance steps... more>>

This invigorating class starts  on the mat, but takes you to the standing movements earlier, while integrating  the same principles at a higher intensity than the traditional BalleCore  Workout... more>>

BalleCore One-to-One
A group setting is not ideal  for everyone so the One-to-One BalleCore experience is specifically designed  for you and your goals... more>>
BalleCore Prenatal
Pregnancy presents some unique  physiological changes and challenges for a women's body!  Certified  BalleCore Prenatal/Postnatal instructors understand that... more>>
BalleCore Postnatal
Find your way back in shape at  this special time in your life. BalleCore Postnatal can help you reclaim and  even enhance your body and mind with a creative and effective program... more>>




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