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Learn About BalleCore®: Overview

What is BalleCore?

The signature 55-minute class of the BalleCore program is a perfect blend of Pilates, Ballet and Yoga.  The precise sequencing has been devised over years of teaching to best harmonize these three tried-and-true modalities into one dynamic and fluid practice that is anything but routine!  The moves of the class take the body through a variety of planes of motion from the mat to standing.  This allows for a comprehensive approach to training the core muscles of the body, correcting posture and taking out of the room what you put into the class.

The integration of these three disciplines in a seamless flow is creatively composed and choreographed to inspiring music. If you would never dare go to a Pilates, Ballet or Yoga class you will still enjoy and benefit from BalleCore.  This is because the BalleCore class is designed to be accessible, fun and effective for all ages, fitness levels and exercise backgrounds.   There is no dancing and there are no steps or combinations to memorize!  You can just follow the flow of this low to non-impact class at your own pace.

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It all comes together in a BalleCore class. 

The powerful ability for movement instruction and the widespread recognition of Pilates terminology allows for an ease of communication within the class.  There is limited or no use of French or Sanscrit, depending on the instructor and the class level, environment and atmosphere.  The instructor allows for different levels by showing alternative moves appropriate to the class’s overall level and aptitude.  

Instruction about breathing, posture and form throughout the class allows for continued improvement, understanding and mastery.  BalleCore is more than the sum of its parts.  It is a successful partnership, not only between the three disciplines, but also between instructor and participant in training and conditioning the body and the mind.


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