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Testimonials from BalleCore® Students

"great work on creating such fun and effective training tool! I LOVE that class!!!! I really respect the quality that is brought to it. I have been a physical therapist and personal trainer for many years now, and exposed to so many different styles and training, and I have to say that what you have come up with in Ballecore is excellent. Like I said, totally fun yet EFFECTIVE."
Colleen Q., Boston Physical Therapist/Personal Trainer

"I am a professional female break-dancer and BalleCore classes have made such a difference in my dancing technique. I have become stronger and more flexible as a result of BalleCore. Thanks so much!"
Colleen Floorlords

“It’s difficult to find a class that integrates strength, grace, balance and spiritual refinement. This really does it.”
Rachel Herman, Healthworks Fitness Centers for Women member

“I forgot how enjoyable exercise could be until I took a BalleCore class.”
Karen Bentley, book author based in New Hampshire

“I am a sports agent and represent professional golfers. I actually play quite a bit of golf and that is what recently attracted me to Pilates. But I found that a lot of the BalleCore class reinforced the critical types of agility and balance moves which applies directly to playing golf. I was quite impressed with your method of teaching…and your natural ability to merge the three exercise disciplines.
Adam S. Lenkin, Esq., The Sports Club/LA, Washington D.C.

“Having spent many hours in a variety of movement classes including ballet, jazz dance, modern dance, yoga, aerobics and Pilates, it has been wonderful to discover BalleCore. As a ‘mature’ woman, I can concentrate on strengthening and stretching at my own pace in a class environment, which is challenging, supportive and fun. Molly Weeks has combined important aspects of several disciplines in an intelligent class with the focus on developing the 'core’ muscles for a healthier way of life.”
Sara Volino, former dancer/teacher in her 60’s, Boston, MA

“Even your first time is great, easy and you still can break a sweat!”
Lauren, BalleCore student in New Hampshire

“Just wanted to let you know how enjoyable the classes in BalleCore at The Sports Club/ LA are. I wish there were more of them. Thanks for inventing this creative form of exercise-- really love it.”
Sheila Barron, member, The Sports Club/LA Boston, MA

“Uplifting…a wonderful strengthening class. Love the ballet aspect—very graceful…”
Annette Feldman, Healthworks Fitness Centers for Women member

“As an avid exerciser, I didn’t think I would find something as new and exciting! I love using the BalleCore barre, the breathing technique, standing ballet portion, Pilates and stretching all in one.”
Diana, age 60, New York City

“BalleCore was by far the best group exercise class I have attended at Healthworks…This workout really put me through my paces it was as challenging as Pilates and PowerFlex. Also, it was nice to do something that had a classical dance component. I used to dance as a child and a teenager, and had forgotten how much I enjoyed it. This was also the first
class I ever took with Tracie (Tracie Finan, Certified BalleCore Instructor). She has a really nice, enthusiastic manner and she made the class fun. Thank you for adding BalleCore to the schedule.”
Samantha Khosla, Healthworks Fitness Centers for Women member, Boston, MA

”I enjoyed the class, thoroughly. What a nice combination of yoga, Pilates and ballet and stretching. Very refreshing! Thank you.”
Dee Benjamin, 50, Lake Austin Spa guest

”Thank you for introducing me to BalleCore! Wow! A wonderfully unique workout experience...physically challenging, yet not exhausting. The rest of the world disappears as you focus solely on breathing and the movements. I highly recommend this for anyone.”
V.A. Stevens, Lobbyist and former member of the White House Staff, Austin, TX

”My trip to Lake Austin Spa was the first step to making some changes in my life. Beginning an exercise program after five years of inactivity is the next step. Then I'll decide what step three will be. Your class made me feel great!”
Barbara 50, Lake Austin Spa guest during Dance Week, June 2003

”My daughter and I were delighted to meet you and participate in your BalleCore classes at the Lake Austin Spa. We love the barre concept as it is a great tool for improving balance. My back is stronger with the Pilates work, and I feel stronger as I am able to do push ups with more confidence. Molly's instruction was very personable and warm. She will make a great addition at any destination spa. The overall combination of Pilates, ballet and yoga is a
fabulous concept!”
Debbie Ryan, 60, Dallas, TX
Copela Ryan, 28, Christies Auctioneers, Dallas, TX

“The alignment of the warrior poses with the barre – Excellent!”
Gauri B. 28, Yoga/Dance Teacher

“Loved the class & would highly recommend it!  Loved the integration of dance into the floor work.  Great concept.  Great instruction.”
Gillian M., 38, Teacher/Studio Owner

 “Great workout.  I’ve done all ballet, Pilates and yoga and could appreciate the flow and combination used.”
Christina L., screenwriter

 “This was so much fun!  Innovative & challenging!  I feel great!  Thank you.”
Heather W., 28, Yoga Teacher/Actress

 “I love the ballet concept. With the heat it gets in the muscles.  Would love to have this available in L.A.  Thanks.”
Christine M., 35, Production Manager

 “I have no ballet training, so ballet terms don’t help me at all.  I like the mix incorporating abdominal work with balance and the variety of music.  Thanks!”
Rochelle P., 33, Pilates Instructor

“I liked the class a lot. I felt very graceful and lovely which is rare for a workout.  I preferred the standing work because I can feel the work immediately.  I’m sure I’ll feel my abs tomorrow, too!”
Bianca A., 29, Administrative Assistant

 “I think this class is a wonderful core class and I especially enjoyed the standing exercises.  I look forward to the video.  Thank you!”
Pat S., 58

 “I have problems with over flexible joints.  The strength training and Balance work is awesome!  I danced as a child – it’s nice to use it again.”
Sterling F., 26, Actress

 “I teach spinning, I do dance, yoga, Pilates and weight training…I thought it was class was great!  I loved the flow of it and that I didn’t have to think about how hard I was working. I’d love it to be longer!”
Rachel M., 25, actress

"I am 'forty-something' and BalleCore has helped me to feel more limber and toned. The stretching exercises have really helped the every day tightness. Thanks, Nancy (instructor)!
Debbie, member, Bay Shore Athletic Club

 “Loved the workout. Would love to come again.”  Preferred workouts: Pilates & Yoga Booty Ballet
Shamaa V., 34, Designer

 “I really enjoyed the class!  The combination of Pilates, ballet and yoga is phenomenal.  I love cardio and toning and I feel like a one on one session would be awesome and challenging!”
Alona H., 20, Student

 “Great class.  Please bring it to L.A.!  Evenings or weekends!  I usually take straight ballet.  This was a nice mix.  Thank you!”
Dayna L., actress

“I liked that it was a great workout, but also challenged flexibility and balance.  Thank you!”
Julie O., 24, Buyer

 “Very fun!  I liked the combo of ballet & yoga together.  Great for flexibility.”
Juli, 24

“During my pregnancy, I continued to remain faithful to BalleCore because it made me feel strong, inspired, and totally connected, taking out the intimidation one might find with an exercise program 29 pounds heavier than usual.”
Julia Bosworth, BalleCore Movement Center

 “Following the birth of my child in my late 30's, I needed to get back into exercise. BalleCore's focus on strength, balance and flexibility make it a great workout for me as I get back into exercise in my mid 40's.”
Ruth W.

“Thank you for your continuous encouragement to explore the elements of BalleCore. It has opened up avenues of strength and focus in me as a dancer and an instructor.”
Sharon Harvey, Certified BalleCore Instructor and Professional Dancer




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